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Ded & Vnuk



Side by side with the Cataffs affiliate for more than 2 years, the guys are trying to work like clockwork!! Naturally, as in any business, there are some shortcomings, but the team tries to eliminate them at the speed of light, for which respect to them!!!
I won’t hide, at this long distance there were sometimes mutual misunderstandings, but we always one way or another we came to a consensus and moved on!
I am also grateful to the partner for their considerable contribution to support and development, as well as faith in my CASINO SKILL channel, I can definitely recommend them for partnership and don’t be shy with suggestions, the team is very communicative and open to the introduction of new ideas and innovations.


Streamer, gamer


Very user-friendly interface, super intuitive and simple. The managers are all very highly qualified specialists, they help at any time of the day or night, I am very pleased with the cooperation with CatAffs 🙂

Alexander Zubarev

Blogger, streamer


We’ve been working for about 1.5 years now. I would like to note the prompt feedback from manager Artem; all issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

All brands in the affiliate program deserve attention, but the visual component, in my opinion, is best from KENT.

Interaction with my manager is 20/10, hands down.

Brand functionality and prize mechanics help to attract the attention of the audience; wheels of fortune and various competitions show only the positive side.

Overall, my impression of CatAffs is 10/10. Great affiliate program.

AndPlay Online



We have been cooperating for about 1.5 years. What we value most when working with CatAffs is the stability and productive approach of the team. You can find a common language with the guys on literally any issue. Affiliate support rating is ten on a five-point scale.

Among the affiliate brands I would like to mention Daddy and Kent. To my taste, they are harmonious and complete, both the name and the design are thought out. Of course, this is a matter of taste, but as products they are most attractive to me.

My manager is top, special greetings to him. Extremely sociable, available almost 24/7, solves all problems, even emergency ones, quickly and clearly.

Prize mechanics in the form of purchases and bonuses are usually the best content for the viewer. The fundamental point is the winnings and the drawings that accompany them. The functionality of the brands is similar and understandable in principle to any player: not too complex, but not primitive either. The only amendment I would make is regarding the limits on withdrawal from status: when attracting high-quality traffic, the limits still need to be increased.

To sum it up: the collaboration experience is excellent. The team is growing in every sense, and every day this is more and more noticeable in its interaction with partners. You don’t need to ask for more. Stability. Quality. Interaction.




I’ve been working with CatAffs for 8 months and I can say that this affiliate program is about stability. There is always work, there has never been any deception on their part. The affiliate recently launched a new brand, Kent, and this is already my favorite, primarily because of the RTP.

Very comfortable interaction with a personal manager; it is clear that they carefully select people for this position. I would also like to note the well-thought-out prize mechanics, the audience is involved and this has a positive effect on views.

Overall, a good stable project, you can count on a long period of cooperation and development.




What I like most about working with CatAffs is the consistency. I can always be sure that no matter how the current month goes, I will be provided with streams next month. This is the most important thing, and I have been working since May 2022 – judge for yourself) The guys’ favorite project is KENT, as for me, it has great prospects – this is a long-term project.

The manager is the most responsive and understanding person, everything is super. There can be no complaints here.

I can’t say for sure about the impact of prize mechanics on the efficiency of streams, but the general impression is this: over the past year we have made a big boost in our work. Therefore, I am very glad that I focused on CatAffs, because back in March 2023 my monthly budget was 500 thousand, but now it is 3.5 million?

Daniil Lombakh

CEO Tiktokiller


I met the guys from CatAffs about six months ago, excellent offers, a cool idea with cats in the design of advertising posts and a website, if you have traffic from TikTok ubt, feel free to contact them!




We have been working with CatAffs on a stable basis for more than a year – we would like to note the responsiveness and pro-activity of this partner, efficiency and willingness to always be on call, a deep understanding of the context of the partnership and our current figures.
Always notes CatAffs as our top partners, cooperation with which is built on a transparent basis. We are glad to see mutual interest in joint profit – we are sure that years of productive cooperation lie ahead of us!

Pepper Partners

Pepper Partners


During our cooperation with Cat Casino since November 2022, we have noted several advantages, including loyalty to partners, transparent working conditions and high-quality support. Controversial issues are resolved very quickly!
We recommend this advertiser as reliable for long-term partnership.




When choosing an advertiser, we value full transparency, fulfillment of obligations and prompt feedback. CatAffs provides all this, and also attracts players with a convenient UI/UX, providing promotional and technical solutions. We especially appreciate the flexibility of CatAffs – in controversial situations or when discussing private conditions, we can always meet each other halfway. In addition, CatAffs is not only a pleasure to work with, but also to communicate with.