How to receive a payment to the bank?

First, you need to conclude a standard agreement (requirement of the bank). To do this, contact your support manager (

It is important to correctly indicate your bank details (in English) in the Wallet section.


The currency of bank payments is euro. Then you must write to support to confirm the correctness of the entered data. Once you receive written confirmation, you can request payment by selecting “Bank Transfer” from the payment options.

To receive a bank transfer, you must provide the financial manager at with a correctly generated invoice. Please note that without an invoice, payment will not be made. What exactly you need to pay attention to when filling out an invoice:

Payment details must be in the following format:

The purpose of payment, which we can indicate in the invoice, is “marketing services”. If you require different wording, then you must indicate it in the invoice. After this, the financial manager will consider the possibility of payment according to the payment purpose you specified and will provide an answer regarding this possibility.

The invoice must be in PDF format and in English. If you have several accounts, then you send a separate invoice to each account. The invoice amount must be in euros.

If you cannot create an invoice yourself, write to us and we will send you a standard invoice template in Word. All you have to do is fill in the numbers and details.

We pay the invoice. Payment commissions that we can technically take upon ourselves are borne by us.

Please note again that we only pay in Euros. If you have a dollar account, then the money is converted on the bank’s side.