What traffic sources do we accept/don’t accept?

What traffic sources do we accept/don’t accept?

We do not accept:

• Mails on behalf of the product, fraud, motive, telegram schemes, push notifications, native advertising, teasers, popunders, restreams, cookie stuffing.

• Motivated. Any traffic motivated by casino deception schemes.

• Mislead (deliberately false information about casino operating conditions, bonuses, etc.)

• Traffic from any fake official pages on social networks and instant messengers, and pages that players associate with official ones (use of logos, official branding, appeals on behalf of the casino, etc.).

• Players who personally know their partner, relatives, etc. It is also prohibited to play in casinos using your own referral links.

We accept:

• Prerolls

• Branding

• Twitch

• YouTube
• Facebook

• Context Ads




If your traffic sources differ from those listed above, be sure to check with the affiliate manager before starting work whether traffic from such sources will be paid for.